Appidemic: Noble Nutlings for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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We’ve got the perfect game for when you’re feeling a little “squirrely.” Make sure you have your crash helmet ready because your chariot isn’t exactly stable, but then neither are the guys driving it.

What is it?

Noble Nutlings is a timed obstacle course game. As you race along the track try to collect as many nuts as possible. While you’re at it, try to run over the little pink guy, and do some aerial flips, and crash into some barricades. The crashing into barricades and running over the little pink guy (oddly enough, named “Pinky”) will earn extra coins you can use to buy upgrades.

Noble Nutlings

If you flip your cart during a jump and you manage to land without crashing, you can earn some clover coins. These can be used to play the bonus slot machine or they can be cashed in—your pick.

How does it work?

The controls are very simple and come in two varieties. The two button mode gives you “go” on the right and “boost” on the left with the “tilt” controlled by the accelerometer. The other set up uses all buttons: “go” and “boost” on the left, with two buttons for “tilt” on the right. Use the boost judiciously; you have a fixed amount of go-juice, and when it’s gone you will have to use your coin stash to buy more. Also, how far, and in which direction, the front of the cart tips depends on how you tip the device. If you tip too far the cart will roll over and crash to pieces. The game puts you back in a new cart and you can continue on your way, but it will add a few seconds to your time.

As with most games these days, you can go to the in-game store and buy piles of game money by using your real money.

Noble Nutlings

The sound and graphics are jovial and appropriate to the feel of the game. There are plenty of eccentric options for carriage body and wheels to maintain a pleasant level of whimsy.

Is it contagious?

The game is fun to play and challenging enough to keep you going through a level until you get it “right.” The game also provides a reverse run through of the level so you aren’t flying blind.

Since the basic version is a free download, this is a great option if you like the race/obstacle course type of game.

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Seller: Boomlagoon
Cost: Free
Download: Noble Nutlings

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