Zombie Soccer coming to iOS

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Undead Soccer

If there’s anything Americans hate more than the undead who rise from the grave to feast on the flesh of the living, transforming the earth into a vision from Revelations, it’s soccer. In fact, they’re pretty much the same thing. And now these two passionate hatreds are combined in a new iOS game: Undead Soccer!

The game, which is set for release on January 17th, sets you up as a heroic and violent soccer star, who, after being thrown out of a game, awakes to a zombie apocalypse. Naturally your response is to start busting skulls by kicking soccer balls, fighting wave after wave of walking dead and perhaps throwing yourself to the ground, pretending to be injured so your teammates can have some water.

I’m speculating on that last part.

To the press release! The game features:

  • Many types of zombies bosses.
  • Travel through 7 themes to kill zombies.
  • Enhance your soccer ball power with 6 types of super powers.
  • 30 cool ball styles and 15 shield styles to unlock.
  • Get excited with large variety of dreadful collectibles.
  • Game Center integration
  • Retina Display graphics

No word yet on pricing. You can watch the trailer for the game below:

For more information, visit

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