Sleekon Luminous iPhone 5 case review

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Provides: Sleek and stylish iPhone 5 protection
Developer: SLEEKON
Price: $30
Availability: Now

Glow in the dark toys and a game of laser tag may be far behind you (feeling nostalgic?), but don’t let that stop you from dressing up your iPhone 5 with one of SLEEKON’s glow-in-the-dark iPhone cases.  This upstart design shop from South Korea features case designs that range from whimsical robots to comic book characters to extraterrestrial encounters, all made from a tough but sleek polycarbonate that snaps on and off easily, allowing you to change your style at will.  Their Luminous case line brings glow in the dark cool to the iPhone, with a series of funky but artful graphic designs that show scenes extracted from much larger stories.


Why is that alien getting arrested, for example?

Light it up

All of SLEEKON’s Luminous cases are either black or white, with very simple color palettes that make great use of negative space. The company was kind enough to send me one black and one white case to test out, and in trying the cases on I found they look best when coordinated with an iPhone rather than matching it (i.e. white case with black iPhone and vice versa). The simple, uncluttered designs look great and add a touch of fun to your iPhone, like an alien playing Peekaboo or a sleek skull.  Since the cases are easy to snap on and off, and only cost $30 (₩29,000, or won, South Korea’s currency), it is very easy to keep more than one of these on hand to change up your look.

The Luminous cases are thin, providing great scratch resistance and a bit of corner protection while still sliding easily into a pocket (the plastic is less than 1 mm thick).  They are of the thin shell style case, with a barely-there bezel snapping over all four corners, most of the left side (minus a cutout for the volume/mute switches) and the entire length of the right hand side of your iPhone. The top and bottom are completely open, and the case is so thin that you will not have any trouble docking your iPhone 5, assuming Lightning docking accessories ever catch on (AirPlay/Bluetooth are just so much more future proof).

Turn it off

The real magic of the Luminous cases happens when the lights go out: SLEEKON’s designs all glow in the dark, going from quirky cases to glowing silhouettes in the dark. There are sixteen different designs from which to choose—eight white and eight black—with the black cases featuring predominately space themes and the white cases featuring more of a punk aesthetic with robots and skulls.


On a side note, SLEEKON is based in the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea, so you can legitimately tell your friends that your iPhone has Gangnam style when clad in one of these cases (dance moves are all on you, however). If you get to the company’s website and find yourself unable to read anything, find the US flag in the upper left hand corner of the page and click on it.  That will take you to the English version of the page, and it also displays all the prices in US dollars so you can shop without a translator.

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SLEEK ON Luminous case review

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