SuperTooth Disco2 Bluetooth speaker review [updated]

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Provides: Portable, wireless, stereo audio playback for Bluetooth devices
Developer: SuperTooth
Minimum Requirements: Any Bluetooth A2DP device
Price: $99.99
Availability: Now

The amplifier in my Kia Soul died. It was out of warranty. My work commute is about 45 minutes each way, and there’s no way I’m going that long without music. As such, I traded in that car, and have sworn off Kia’s forever. Deny me Queen, and you lose my loyalty forever.

Of course, I didn’t trade in the Soul right away. Working that out of the finances and another car into them took time, and it was during that time that I came to really appreciate SuperTooth’s Disco2 Bluetooth speaker. I’ve reviewed Bluetooth speakers in the past, and I have one more just ahead, but of all the models I’ve tried, the Disco2 is the best in pretty much every aspect.

At 7-1/4″ high, 4-1/4″ wide and 2-3/4″ deep, the Disco2 is designed to sit on your desk or bookshelf. It doesn’t take up much space, and the hourglass design looks natural in most settings. You can even color coordinate by selecting from black, green, light blue, pink, red and white.

SuperTooth Disco2

No matter which color you find, you’re going to get 16 watts of audio via two speakers on the front and the bass reflex system in the back. The sound is full and a bit surprising in power…people may overlook the Disco2 when trying to determine from where your music is coming, as it’ll sound too big for such a small device. Some more complex audio will get a bit muddy, however, and at higher audio levels I noticed some bass distortion. Thankfully, the speaker is powerful enough that I rarely had to turn it up to this point.

Speaking of volume, the higher up you turn the Disco2, the less battery life you’re going to get (the decently sized volume buttons, by the way, sit atop the speaker along with the power, play/pause and forward/reverse buttons).

SuperTooth Disco2

At max volume, you can expect about 3-1/2 hours of playback. I tended to get closer to 7 or 8 hours between charges of the NI MH power pack, which is handled via the included 12V adapter.

SuperTooth Disco2

If you don’t use the Disco2 much, the battery can sit on standby for 1,500 hours, according to SuperTooth. I wasn’t able to test that; remember, I needed some music on the commute home.

My setup there took full advantage of the Bluetooth capabilities. Placing the speaker in the baby seat centered in the back seat of the Soul, I was easily able to pair it with my iPhone which I kept up front with me for volume/track control. The Bluetooth connection remained solid when driving, unlike most Bluetooth speakers I’ve used which occasionally had audio drop outs. Not an issue here at all.

The SuperTooth Disco2 is not going to replace your full speaker system, Bluetooth or wired, but it’s certainly capable of filling in when you’re on the road or in a room without an audio system. And as I learned, it’ll even fill in when you’re in your car on your way home from work. Whether you’re using it for enhanced audio with iPhone games or providing some music for an unexpected party or remote trip, the SuperTooth Disco2 gives you the right amount of sound at the right price, and it looks right doing it.

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SuperTooth Disco2 review

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Update (January 21, 2013): Clarified color availability.

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