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I’m not generally a fan of MMORPGs. I like the RPG part, I’m not so big on the MMO part, mainly because I prefer that my stories have endings, and because games, to me, are more like books than movies; they’re a solitary experience I prefer to enjoy on my own.

But dang, if Arcane Legends isn’t an awful lot of fun to play.

What is it?

Arcane Legends in a role-playing game set in the world of Arlor, because Arlor sounds very much like the type of place in which an MMORPG should be set.

The general routine is pretty much what you’d expect. After creating your character (rogue, sorcerer or warrior) and choosing your initial pet (wolf, drake or panther), you begin accepting quests to go on adventures, obtain treasure/weapons, and level up your character to accept bigger adventures to obtain greater treasure/weapons to level up your character to…you get the idea.

Arcane Legends

How does it work?

One of the best features of Arcane Legends is that the multiplayer is seamless. Log in, and you’re dumped into a small group of players straight off the bat. Although you can set up specific groups, those looking for a quick adventure can just hop right into one. There’s always someone ready to help you and for you to help as you complete your quests, giving you plenty to do along the way.

Another great feature is that Arcane Legends has streamlined the interface and character options. I was worried that the game would be hard to control and configure on the iPhone 5, but that’s not the case. It’s very easy to move and perform actions during battle; the bottom left area is reserved for movement, the bottom middle contains your adequately separated potions, and the bottom right has your action buttons. And although the inventory and character screens are a bit tight, I had no problem selecting what I wanted.

Arcane Legends

It also helps that the graphics are very good and the game performs well no matter how much is going on. It all comes together into a game you can play for 10 to 15 minutes for a quick quest or for a couple hours if you’re really getting deep into it. The numerous quests, the robust and lively world, and the chance to level up both your character and your pet keep things engaging for quite a while.

Is it contagious?

It certainly is for fans of MMOs. Those familiar with RPGs will note that Spacetime Studios doesn’t bring much original content to the genre, but their expertise in creating an engaging experience is evident. Those new to RPGs will find it very easy to get in and start playing right away without ever feeling overwhelmed by either the game’s features or by those with whom you’ll be playing online.

Arcane Legends

It also helps that the game is free. Yes, you’ve got your usual in-app purchases (in this case, platinum for buying game-world items), but you can get around them by level grinding, for the most part. The platinum also comes in handy when you die; pay, and you can jump right back into the battle that killed you (with a power boost, even). Don’t pay, and you’re back at the inn. So, the game lets you be as hard core or casual as you want, but you’re going to have a good time either way.

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