Temple Run 2 available in New Zealand, US release coming in a few hours

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temple run 2If you’re not tired of the endless running game Temple Run, which has become a cult favorite amongst iDevice owners, here’s some good news. Imangi Studios has just released the official sequel, simply called Temple Run 2. Hitting the App Store (for New Zealand at least) moments ago, Temple Run 2 promises to be a bigger and better than the original runaway hit game.

By bigger, we mean bigger environment, including a bigger monkey which will try to capture you as you run for your life. By better, we mean better graphics, better animation and a more fluid game. Those who have already  grabbed the game from the New Zealand App Store say Temple Run 2 is even more beautiful the the original. The environments are said to be curvy and hilly with a more natural and realistic look and feel.

Of course, the gameplay remains the same. You’ll be running endlessly until your character is caught by the monkey or falls off a cliff or bumps into something. There will be new obstacles, more powerups, more achievements, and special powers for each of the characters. Speaking of characters, the game gives you four playable characters, each with distinct qualities.

Be sure to check out your country’s App Store, as Temple Run will surely greet you in the coming hours. Even if you have not played Temple Run before or are tired of playing it already, Temple Run 2 will still be a good download, especially since it’s free.

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