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Attention all art lovers/gamers (a very select crowd, to be sure)—there is finally an RPG just for you, and it’s called Art Mogul HD!

What is it?

If you ever took a high school math class that required a TI-83 graphic calculator, the basic premise of Art Mogul HD will be very familiar. Remember Drug Wars? Instead of buying drugs and trying to sell them at a profit in another location, you’re buying art in one city (pick from Paris, New York, San Francisco, London, etc.) and selling it to galleries or at auction houses in another city.

The overall goal is simple: acquire enough money to achieve various tasks, such as buying your own gallery.

How does it work?

Each city has three main places to explore: an art gallery, a café, and an auction house. Galleries are used for buying/selling artwork and housing your collection once you buy the gallery. The café is where shady deals go down—you can earn points (but not money) for identifying fake pictures for sale, and occasionally you’ll stumble across the genuine article for sale in a café at a dramatically low price.

The auction house is where the major action happens, however. Auction houses want pictures containing certain objects, and it is your job to find these paintings in other cities and bring them back to the auction house. These missions, and other activities as well, earn you money, which is needed to buy ever more expensive paintings for auction houses as well as your own gallery collection.

Is it contagious?

In much the same way Drug Wars took a very simple premise and spun it into an addictive game, Art Mogul HD can easily consume hours of time as you jet around the globe looking for wedges of cheese or regal crests in various masterpieces. The app does feature a diverse selection of artwork from famous painters such as Van Gogh and Monet, so you may learn a little something along the way as well.

Although not technically a hidden object game, the search for “fashionable objects” desired by auction houses will have you hunting through paintings looking for the right one. You can also negotiate lower prices on artwork bought in galleries by finding a set of objects, proving to the gallery owner that you know your stuff.

If you are an art lover, Art Mogul is a must-have game. If you have a passing acquaintance with art but would like to learn more, this game provides a great art primer in a much more engaging format than flashcards or reading an art history text.

Art Mogul HD is a solid and educational way to spend a couple hours, and at $5, a pretty affordable way to edutain yourself.

Category: Games
Developer: G5 Games
Cost: Free to try, $5 to unlock full version (also available for iPhone / iPod touch)
Download: Art Mogul HD

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