Get $117 worth of Mac software free with this Freebie Bundle

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Freebie Bundle

So, what’s in store for you? Let’s take a look (normal prices in parenthesis).

Wallpaper Wizard ($10.00)
You don’t have to browse through the Internet for wallpapers. This app is your one-stop-hub, providing access to more than 10,000 HD wallpapers. I really love my new Paris Retina desktop background.

VidConvert ($8.00)
VidConvert can convert any type of the popular video formats today. It’s easier to store videos in your iOS device or Mac with the right size to save more storage. Create videos in just a few clicks whether it’s an MPEG of DiVX. Having converted a large size video from my Mac, now I can play it using my iOS device.

ImageSmith ($16.00)
ImageSmith is another cool image application loaded with editing features that allow you to scale, colorize, orient, flatten and much more. It’s packed with the basic photo editing tools that can open JPEG, PNG and GIF format.

Type Fu ($5.00)
I love Type Fu. This is my favorite app of the bundle. I usually take some typing exercise before I get to write my blurbs. This is insane typing software that’ll rattle your hands and increase your typing speed. Definitely, two thumbs up!

ClipBuddy ($30.00)
Okay, ClipBuddy is your comprehensive clipboard manager. This will help you organize your texts, whether you want to copy and cut text or images (or both), it’ll copy from any program running on your Mac.

Ondesoft Screen Capture for Mac ($30.00)
Instead of the stock screen shot command, (Command + Shift + 3), Ondesoft Screen Capture takes you to the next level of screen capture with customizable options. Here’s a screen capture of my desktop.

IconBox 2 ($15.00)
IconBox 2 is your icon application for Mac featuring icon customization. Enough of the the same arrangements, already, let IconBox 2 revamp your system icons, dock icons and application icons.

Sweetie ($3.00)
Turn your images into beautiful works of art using Sweetie. It has a simple interface and lets you create stunning ASCII art.

As mentioned, these eight apps would normally cost you $117. With Mac Freebie Bundle, you’ll absolutely get them for free. You need to register to get them, but it’ll only take you a few minutes to do so.

Via [Cult of Mac]


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