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Ab Motivate Pro + won’t nag, criticize or yell at you like deranged drill sergeant. What it will do is remind you it’s time to do your exercises and show you which ones to do and how many. You can even get a “stadium cheer” when you finish your routine.

What is it?

Ab Motivate Pro +Ab Motivate Pro + serves two basic functions: one is to be a reminder, the other is to step you through a workout. The reminder is a standard alert chime to let you know it’s time for your workout, and the instructions will then talk you though a selected workout routine. The app will show you the proper form for each exercise and count you through the number of repetitions for your selected workout.

How does it work?

The alarm can be set up for any combination of days in the week. The time setting is based on the standard iOS wheel clock—the only catch is you can only set one time for the reminders, so pick a time that works for every day you want to work out. The app also keeps a log of your workout sessions so you can look back at what sets you completed. This comes in handy if you want to track your progress and can be some good positive feedback.

Ab Motivate Pro +The graphics look a bit like something from a health textbook, and the only sound is the voice which tells you which exercise your are about to do counts down to starting the reps. Okay, there is another sound—if you select the “stadium cheer” option, the crowd goes wild when you finish your routine for the day (a little “hooray for me,” but not quite over the top).

Is it contagious?

Ab Motivate Pro + provides value for the money and is a bit of a refreshing change from the apps that are merely entertainment, laden with a string of in-app purchases or a platform for unending ads. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the function of the aforementioned devices; I just appreciate an app that is functional, uncluttered, and does what it says it will do. Also, at $0.99, it is a very affordable option for helping you tone up.

PS: Be careful out there, and read the legalese (it’s there for a reason).

Category: Health & Fitness
Seller: Thousands of Candles Ltd.
Cost: $0.99
Download: Ab Motivate Pro +

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