Joe Danger Touch for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch review

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Category: Games
Seller: Hello Games, Ltd.
Compatibility: iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch 3rd/4th/5th gen, iPad
Requirements: iOS 5.0 or later
File Size: 96.7 MB
Price: $2.99
Age Rating: 9+ for infrequent/mild cartoon or fantasy violence

Put on your helmet and saddle up—it’s time to jump some stuff (even a shark or two) with Joe Danger, the console game that Hello Games has now brought to the small screen of your iDevice. In the interest of disclosure, I have not played the console version of Joe Danger, so this review is based solely on the merits of Joe Danger Touch.

Joe Danger Touch is a very good game for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Regarding the look and feel, the imagery looks a bit like the Mario games on the Wii—the rendering is colorful and well defined. The controls are limited but responsive and effective (I’ll get into the specifics later). The music is a bit odd—the tune playing at the end of a round sounds a bit like the Carpenters and the main theme is reminiscent of a 70s game show—but it works well with the game.

Joe Danger Touch

Joe Danger Touch features 10 “tours” at easy to hard skill levels, so there is a good increase in the challenge as you play through the game and better your skills. Each tour has 6 levels in which you get to jump, duck, flip, pop wheelies, and collect coins. The coins you collect can be used to open the next tour or to purchase new skins for Joe. Be careful with your purchases; there are bonus levels in each tour requiring a specific skin to play. Don’t worry about having to pony up some coin to play a round, though, as the bonus rounds are basically coin collection rounds so you can make back your investment with interest. On the flip side of the bonus rounds, don’t think you can use them as a goldmine. If you want to play a bonus level again, the game is fine with that…provided you purchase a new skin. Not only will the round require a skin change, the new skin will be a pricey, one so there is a net expense to this approach.

Each round provides a variety of things to jump over, ramps to jump from, obstacles to tap to eliminate, hazards and tunnels to duck to avoid hitting, as well as extra targets. These usually come in the form of stars, letters, or coins. Occasionally, you may even get a stray UFO to try to tap for extra points, but don’t forget about the course.

Now that we’re on the subject of maneuvering in the game, let’s go over some of the specifics. The default mode is Joe moving forward on his bike. To jump, simply tap the screen. To duck, tap and hold your finger on the screen—Joe will come out of the “duck” when you remove your finger. One thing to note is when you take your finger off from a “duck,” not only will Joe sit up straight in the saddle, you will also jump. If you swipe while Joe is in mid-jump you can execute either a forward or back flip for extra points. While the bike is on the ground, a swipe from right to left will let Joe pop a wheelie. This not only looks cool and gets extra points, it also makes Joe go faster—very important when you’re racing the zombie monkey (yes, you read that right). A swipe from left to right while Joe is earthbound will get you a front wheel ride. There are other swipes and combinations which will execute some other nifty tricks, but I leave those to your discovery; the game doesn’t tell you all the goodies right away.

Joe Danger Touch

There are, of course, the ubiquitous in game purchases. You can fork over real coins for game coins; happily, the game developers don’t seem to be too greedy with the estimation of the value of in game goodies. The range is from $0.99 for 10,000 coins to $12.99 for 500,000 coins. Sadly, I have seen games with top coin purchases in the $50 range, so $12.99 looks much more reasonable.

Joe Danger Touch

The only other annoying feature is the narrator. It looks like some sort of groundhog with bad dentures. The appearance and animation are the weird part—the movements of the critter’s mouth seem pretty random, so it’s a bit distracting.

Over all, Joe Danger Touch is a fun game which has been adapted very well to fit the iDevice format. It looks good, plays well, and can be played as many times as you like to get all the perfect marks and high scores you want. This game is available now in the iTunes store for $2.99 and is very much worth the price if you like a good race/obstacle course game in which you can be the hero zombie in a motorcycle race with a monkey.

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Joe Danger Touch review

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