PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD launched at CES

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PhotoFast recently announced the launch of their second generation i-FlashDrive HD, one of the only external drive solutions providing data synchronization between Mac/PC computers and Apple iDevices with a Dock or Lightning connector. The i-FlashDrive HD provides an easy way to move documents, pictures, video, music, or other digital files between iDevices and desktop computers without the need for WiFi or slow transfers via the cell network (and without draining your battery).

There’s an App

Because iDevices lack a traditional filesystem, the i-FlashDrive HD has a corresponding app that allows you to view and move files to/from the i-FlashDrive device. This lets you grab data from your iDevice and import it to another iDevice (a great way to share files with coworkers or sync devices when the cloud is not available), or you can import it to a Mac/PC. You can even play video and music files directly from the i-FlashDrive, freeing up space on your iDevice. The media interface in the app supports AirPlay and Dropbox, so you can easily stream media or share as needed.

The app also functions as a backup and archive solution, integrating data from other apps like the Camera Roll and Contacts. This would be an especially attractive solution for folks on the go without WiFi and without a laptop, as you can backup even when iCloud and iTunes are not accessible for iDevice backups.

The Hardware

The i-FlashDrive’s hardware looks like a standard USB flash drive, but just happens to feature a 30-pin Dock connector on the other end. iPhone 5, iPad Mini, and iPad 4 users can snap on Apple’s Lightning-to-Dock converter and use the i-FlashDrive with no issues.

Once you have synced your desired files, simply plug the i-FlashDrive into another iDevice and transfer the files you need, or plug it into any Mac/PC and browse files like a standard USB drive. The i-FlashDrive is compatible with iOS 6, OS X, and Windows XP and above; capacities include 8, 16, 32, and 64 GB capacities, and the 32/64 GB models come with an included Lightning adaptor. The i-FlashDrive app is a free download from the App store.

Prices range from $99 to $329 depending on capacity, and the i-FlashDrive is available from

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