IK Multimedia announces iLoud and iLoud MINI portable speakers

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If you’re in the market for a portable Bluetooth speaker, you might want to check out IK Multimedia’s iLoud and iLoud MINI speakers. Both are designed to combine power, pristine frequency response, and superior low end, and they’ll work happily over Bluetooth or a wire. But don’t let that Bluetooth functionality or portable nature fool you into thinking these are lower quality speakers. The iLoud and iLoud MINI are on par with professional studio monitors, which means your studio can now be anywhere you are.

Musician’s typically want two things when it comes to speakers: power and accuracy. How, well, loud do you think a product named iLoud is going to be? Pretty loud. Something like two to three times louder than the average portable powered speakers. To be specific, the iLoud has 40W RMS of power and the iLoud mini clocks in at 12W RMS.

Now on to accuracy, both of these guys are equipped with onboard DSP to maintain accuracy and efficiency at all volume levels. The speakers are high quality, custom-designed neodymium loudspeakers in a bi-amped 4-driver array for the iLoud and a pair of full-range speakers for the iLoud MINI.

Both the iLoud and iLoud MINI have 1/8″ (headphone) mini-jacks and connect over Bluetooth 4.0. The iLoud model even functions as a guitar amp with a standard 1/4″ guitar/bass input. It has the same circuitry as IK’s famous iRig. If you have other IK accessories for your iOS devices, this will round out the gear set to make your music as mobile and high quality as possible.

The iLoud and iLoud MINI will be available during the second quarter of 2013. The iLoud will retail at $299.99 and the smaller iLoud MINI will retail at $199.99.

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