Write It! VS makes creative writing competitive

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There are competitive spelling and drawing games, but I can’t think of anyone who’s made creative writing competitive (other than every English major, of course). Well, that changes now with Write It VS., a game that challenges you to write a story head to head in timed games.

To the press release!

The app also features elaborate social media integration to encourage players to share their stories, ideas, jokes, and mess ups with their friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. Title suggestions and words can also be pulled from the Twittersphere to make stories current or trendy. And since each turn only allows a player to write 140 characters or less, the next viral Tweet could be sent through cyberspace from this game.

And of course, there is a video trailer:

You can buy the game for 99 cents on the App store or get the free version.

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