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What is it?

Shadow Snake from PlayPanic Games takes place in four different temples—Nature, Fire, Air, and Ice—as you control a snake to avoid enemies and collect sun pieces before time runs out.

Shadow Snake's Boss Fight

The two main goals on each level are to collect sun pieces and avoid enemies so you can advance to the next level. Some of the enemies appear from off screen and others explode in a burst after a few seconds. You lose health and points from your level score if an enemy strikes you anywhere. That means it’s not enough to dodge an enemy with your head, you have to be aware of your entire body.

How does it work?

As you’re dodging enemies, you have to pick up sun pieces that fill up the portal to the next level. Sometimes you get larger sun pieces that fill up the portal faster, which means you have to pick up fewer sun pieces. This is very helpful on hard and insane difficulty levels when you have to open the portal before time runs out.

Shadow Snake's Fire Level

In addition to sun pieces, some levels have other bonuses to catch. The most helpful are the armor pieces which recover your health and fire pieces which destroy enemies they hit. Some levels have a more powerful effect, such as increasing your speed for a short time or destroying all enemies on the screen.

Passing levels gives you currency which you use to make your snake more powerful. Armor reduces damage taken and time penalties, luck increases your chance to encounter large sun pieces, and speed makes the snake move faster. You can also buy an Ultimate for $2.99, which increases all skills to the ultimate level.

Shadow Snake's level bonus

The upgrades are separated by temple (Nature, Fire, Air, and Ice), but the currency isn’t. That means you can go through the Fire temple on normal difficulty and then upgrade the Nature snake to get through the harder difficulty levels and use the currency from that on the Air snake.

Is it contagious?

Shadow Snake is a fast-paced game that tests your hand-eye coordination, yet the music and artwork are calming without being distracting. If you like a challenging arcade game, then Shadow Snake is the game for you.

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