PulpMotion Advanced 3 for OS X review

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Provides: Animated slideshows
Format: Digital download
Developer: Aquafadas
Minimum System Requirements: Intel processor, Mac OS X v10.6 or above, 1GB of RAM , Quartz Extreme compatible graphic card with 256 MB of shared memory, Internet connection required for registration
Price: $129 (standard version available for $49)
Availability: Out Now
Version Reviewed: 3.3

Nothing beats a creative slideshow for stirring emotions with breathtaking shots and graphics to communicate a compelling story to the audience. Whether you’re in business, leisure or arts, using an animated slideshow is one of the most effective tools to convey a message.

Join me and let’s unbox Aquafadas’ PulpMotion Advanced 3 which lets you create animations with annotations and zone interests on photos to create compelling stories…and more.

PulpMotion is a bifurcated software that comes in standard and advanced version. The standard costs $49, while the advanced is rings in a pretty price $129 of a single license. I’m telling you this upfront so you won’t get surprised.

So does the price increase bring more exceptional features to create a perfect animated slideshow or photo album?

Keep on reading and see how it works.

To begin, PulpMotion Advanced 3 provides cool how-to-videos to get you familiar with the interface. Basically, the welcome screen gives the basic features and functions to get you started.

PulpMotion Advanced 3

 To continue, start creating your first photo album or slide show by selecting a theme. The advanced version comes with 154 cool themes to choose from. I love vintage stuff, and so the Antique Shop theme was one of my favorites.

PulpMotion Advanced 3 review

To create a slideshow, drag the photos you wish to add from the photo browser to the timeline. The Media Manager provides the photo source. The software shows the current photos in your iPhoto software, and users can add photos via the native Pictures folder.

PulpMotionAdvanced3 review

The timeline is straightforward in organizing the photos. Simply select all the photos you desire to add and drag them to the timeline in order, as you would like them to appear.

I found it cumbersome to edit each photo’s media title, notes and date, but I wanted my slideshow to look neat using this vintage theme. Thankfully, I noticed that if you just uncheck the visibility of media info you don’t want to include on the slideshow on Theme Settings. It’s pretty neat.

PulpMotionAdvanced3 reviews

You can add audio once you’re done with the slideshow. Add your iTunes library or Garage Band on Media Manager and drag the audio to the timeline. Pulp Motion sets the slides’ audio to “auto time.” You can also get your audio files from the Finder.

PulpMotion Advanced 3 is export-friendly, allowing users to export files in your favorite file formats. You can easily export and format your files for iOS devices and Apple TV instantly. What’s more, you can share your masterpieces by exporting them to YouTube. Just make sure you have an account to execute this step.

My verdict to this software? It’s a premium solution for your slideshow or photo album needs. Instead of the conventional designs, PulpMotion provides creative designs and animations with user-friendly customization and stellar themes to choose from.

Is this $129 worth it? I use the app with a plethora of features and customization, and I’m fully convinced it’s worth the price. We may not justify the $80 difference between the two versions, but the standard is also worth its $50 price. You can see the differences between the two versions at the Aquafadas website.

If you’re still undecided, you can download a trial version. However, your slideshows will be watermarked until you register.

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PulpMotion Advanced review

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