ARCHOS announces thinnest iPad keyboard available

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Archos Bluetooth iPad keyboardDespites Apple’s protestations (and the cries of touchscreen proponents everywhere), many of us do like to use physical keyboards with our iPads. Hence, the popularity of Bluetooth keyboard cases, the latest of which is the ARCHOS Design Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad, coming this March. The selling point here is that it’s only 5mm (0.2″) thick.

The ARCHOS Design Bluetooth Keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard for 2nd to 4th gen iPads. The keyboard features an adjustable kickstand or built-in display abilities, and has an aluminum back casing to keep your iPad scree safe when the keyboard is not in use.

Additional features include:

  • Magnetic bonding to the iPad
  • Automatic screen switch on/off function
  • Long battery life
  • iOS shortcuts built into the keyboard

Archos Bluetooth iPad keyboard

The ARCHOS Design Bluetooth Keyboard is the first to be released from the new ARCHOS Design accessory line, and will be available in March for $79.99. For more information about ARCHOS Design or ARCHOS products visit

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