Pantheon the Legends melds Greek mythology with collectible cards

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Pantheon the Legends - Nemesis

Pantheon the Legends is a collectible card game based on Greek mythology with gods and goddesses fighting to take back Mount Olympus from your enemies. The game features a guild system that lets you find friends and form teams to battle with the gods and heroes of Greek mythology for riches and fame. Build your deck and activate skills strategically to crush the opposition.

“Just as each card links with other cards in the game, gamers will find themselves socially intertwined with other Pantheon players,” said David Liu, CEO at RedAtoms. “No other collectible card game can top our hand-drawn artwork — that’s what will draw people in, but they’ll stick around for the guild battle system.”

Pantheon the Legends features:

  • Striking, humorous art design fuses Western and Asian styles to bring players an unforgettable twist on Greek mythology
  • Simple pick-up-and-play mechanics let anyone jump in and start having fun
  • Harness the power of familiar characters from Greek mythology like Zeus, Poseidon, Hercules and even the Minotaur!
  • 100+ cards with up to 4 stages of evolution – and that’s just the 1st release…
  • Travel through a rich and creative storyline in your quest to rule Olympus
  • Battle other players alone, or band together and form the ultimate guild
  • One-of-a-kind guild battle system intertwines social and strategic gameplay deeper than ever before on iOS
  • 10 Treasure Cards (at launch) based off famous items in Greek mythology, such as the Golden Fleece and Pandora’s Box
  • Strategic skill activation system provides challenge for card-battle veterans
  • Weekly in-game events, competitions and surprises!
  • Balance is key – revolutionary guild system makes the game fun for both free and paying players
  • Join now and get a free “4-star” god – choose from Hermes, Nemesis, Nike and others

Pantheon the Legends is available now for free from the App Store for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad using iOS 4.3 or later.

Head on over to Pantheon the Legends official website for more information on the game or to share strategies on the forums.

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