Vine iOS app launches, wants to be the Twitter of 6-second videos

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vine ios appTwitter has just released Vine for iOS, a new app that lets you share 6-second-long videos that loop continously for as long as the app is opened. Vine also allows you to embed this video on your Twitter timeline. I’ve been testing the app for a few hours now and I can’t help but commend Twitter for coming with a good app even with the presence of some minor bugs.

Vine allows you to record the video by successively tapping the screen of your device as you take shots of whatever you want to show. You can start and stop recording at any time, and the app will stop recording once there are enough for a 6-second video.

Once the video is processed, it goes to your Vine timeline and is also automatically saved to your device’s camera roll. Of course, you can also instantly share it with your friends and relatives via Vine itself, Facebook or Twitter. Be patient with authenticating your Facebook and Twitter account, though. as it seems the app is having some minor glitches doing this.

Once your video is shared, your Vine contacts can like or leave a comment. It works like any other social sharing site; think of it as an Instagram for video minus the photo filters that Instagram allows you to use.

Being a new app, of course, Vine is not free of bugs and glitches, but I’m pretty sure that given the interest and hype it’s getting since it became available, Twitter will surely releases improvements and fixes.

Question now is whether Vine will be able to pick up and get at least half of the popularity that the Twitter mobile app has achived so far.

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