Free Apps Roundup January 25, 2013

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This week on the Free Apps Roundup: Have you ever wanted to customize your watch? Better yet, have you ever wanted to get more information than just the time from a device on your wrist? I know I have. Now you can get half of what makes the Pebble smartwatch so cool: the app. This app makes swapping out watchfaces as easy as tapping. It puts notifications right on your wrist—things like incoming phone calls and text messages—and it can even act like a display for other apps. But even if you’re not as excited about this amazing watch as I am, there are plenty of other great and free apps this week.

The Top Three:

  • Pebble Smartwatch – The wait is over! Well, part of it, anyway. Now you can get the Pebble app that connects your iPhone to your Pebble smartwatch. This app makes infinite customizability possible. You can change watch faces and get alerts for incoming calls, emails and messages all on your wrist. The app also applies software updates. It does it all. Now all you need is a Pebble.
  • Gesundheit! – Now you can get the Runner-Up iPad game of 2011 for free. This game has actually be nominated for a lot of awards, so maybe, just maybe, you should check it out. This game combines extraordinary hand-drawn visuals and animation with infectious gameplay to create a vibrant and colorful world where cute characters face off against wacky monsters, pigs will fly, and snot happens!? It’s free for this week only. The iPad version is available below.
  • ESPN X Games – If you want to keep track of the world’s premiere actions sports event, then you’re going to need this app. It makes it easier than ever to watch highlights, view schedules, track scores and keep up with the six events of the X Games in 2013. It even has features like TrickTrack and HypeMeter that allow you to participate in the fun.


  • Half-Inch Heist – The evil Dr. Puss has stolen a priceless diamond and only you can get it back. Test your reflexes, reactions and endurance as you battle to stay alive.
  • Undead Slayer – Evil forces have swept across Ancient China and you’re going to have to battle through endless hordes of the undead. Slay or be slain.

Free for a limited time:

  • ClearWeather – This app is a minimalistic weather utility that’s designed to show you the weather outside at a glance.
  • Gesundheit! HD – The iPad version.
  • Ready Steady Bang – This is a greyscale quick-fire dueling game. Progress through the game to unlock 31 unique cowboy deaths and show them off in your Kill Gallery.
  • Amaya Solitaire – Play the three most popular solitaire games: Klondike, Free Cell, and Spider.
  • Hunters: Episode One – Set in a universe where contracts rule, Hunters allows you to build a team of mercenaries and become the most renowned bounty hunters in the galaxy. It’s a top down RPG strategy game.
  • Hunters: Episode One HD – The iPad version.
  • 2XL Snocross – Catch some big air, show off your best tricks, and wear your medals proudly in this 3D snocross game with HD graphics.
  • Longbow – Shoot for the bullseye in the village, knock over targets on the castle wall, or destroy barrels from horseback along the 4 kilometer stretch of mountainous terrain with your longbow in this 3D archery game.
  • Total Recall Game – Get a break from your mundane life and dive into the thrilling, sic-fi action game designed on the same lines as the fast-paced movie from the house of Sony Pictures. Something has gone awry. You find yourself in the year 2084 and are running for your life. Have fun.
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