Bēm wireless ships moveable speaker trio

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The bēm wireless speaker trio offers up a novel concept in home audio; it lets you position its three speakers anywhere you need sound without wires or plugs. Put your music in any room of the house on demand, rather than wiring an entire house for sound.


Each of the speakers that make up the trio is a 6″ cube, and the speakers feature a range of up to 120 feet from the base station; the source of any Bluetooth audio can be up to 25 feet away from the base station with which it pairs. The three speakers can be independently placed around a room for maximum sound coverage, or put in different rooms to make sure your tunes make it to every room. Each speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery, so your only constraint on placement is finding six inches of open space.

An auxiliary jack is also available on the base station for non-Bluetooth devices, so your audio source can be anywhere from 120 to 145 feet away from your speakers. Each speaker features touch sensitive on/off buttons and independent volume control, so you can dial down the sound in smaller rooms. The base recharges the speakers after their estimated six hours of battery life are depleted via a conductive ring.

Available in either black or white, the bēm wireless trio is $300 and can be purchased from bēm’s website.

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