Siege Hero for iPhone, iPod touch is free for a few days only [updated]

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Siege Hero

Our weekly Free Apps Roundup is handy, but it’s not all-encompassing. Sometimes, the good stuff comes through to late. And so, we want to make sure you know that Armor Games’ Siege Hero is available for free for iPhone and iPod touch for a few days. That’s the official language, by the way; “a few days.”

Developed by WarSpark Games, Siege Hero is best described as a physics-puzzler/castle-smasher. The game is optimized for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 (featuring retina graphics) and is also available as a separate app for iPad and iPad Mini (for which it’s still $1.99).

Take destructive pride in seeing the castles and fortresses knocked down, set on fire, and blown to bits with each and every tap of your finger in this addictive physics-based game. Siege Hero is inspired by Armor Games’ wildly popular Crush the Castle series, which already has over 250 million plays, and the Flash game Sieger, which had 50 million online plays since its release in 2010.

Features include:

  • Use fire, rocks, oil and many other destructive means to destroy structures of all shapes and sizes.
  • A grand total of 324 levels of castle-crashing action. Countless hours of gameplay!
  • Slick, visceral gameplay that will satisfy your inner rage. For now…
  • Four unique areas: Age of Discovery, Age of Pirates, Age of Cowboys and Age of Heroes
  • Rich retina graphics for realistic exploding ships and crumbling castles
  • Battle Samurais, Vikings, knights and cowboys as you lay waste to their fortresses
  • Regular updates and level packs planned by the Siege Hero team

This  promotion won’t last long, so download Siege Hero for iPhone / iPod touch today.

Siege Hero

Product [Siege Hero]

[Updated January 26, 2013: Removed links to iPad version as it’s not part of the free deal.]

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