Radtech wireless car stereo connection kit, part 1 – AutoPower review

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Provides: Auto connection to power/charge USB devices
Developer: Radtech
Requirements: Cigarette lighter / vehicle accessory Port, USB device
Price: $9.95

AutoPower ProCable WaveJamr

Here we go music lovers—more hardware to let you connect and listen to the tunes on your iDevice. We’re going to cover three products here from Radtech that can combine to turn your car stereo system into a wireless Bluetooth receiver of sorts, and we’re going to start with the AutoPower In-Vehicle Dual USB Power Supply for iPad, iPhone and iPod. I’ll cover the performance of the combination in the WaveJamr review.

One handy feature of the AutoPower adapter is it provides you with two (count ‘em, two!) USB connections. The male end of the AutoPower is the plug for your 3/4″ diameter 12V connection in your car. The female end has two USB ports, each with a small red LED next to it which light up when the port in use.

Radtech Auto PowerThe unit is 3-3/4″ tall by 1″ thick by 11-1/2″ wide. With some newer vehicles putting the 12V port in places like the arm rest storage area you might want to do some measuring to make sure it will fit properly. My car’s 12V port is in the open space under the stereo so I didn’t have any problems. The unit’s construction is light-duty plastic with spring loaded metal connection points and serviceable USB connectors. It isn’t heavy-duty (and on the low end of medium-duty) but is put together reasonably well.

The price isn’t too bad, especially when you factor in the two USB connectors. Construction is okay and the unit delivers on functionality. What’s important, though, is how it fits into the whole of the auto connection kit, so let’s look at the ProCable next.

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AutoPower In-Vehicle Dual USB Power Supply for iPad, iPhone and iPod review

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