Radtech wireless car stereo connection kit, part 2 – ProCable review

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Provides: Home theater / car stereo iPhone/iPod integration
Developer: Radtech
Requirements: 30-pin dock iDevice, 1/8″ stereo audio input jack, USB
Price: $19.95

In part two of our look at RadTech’s wireless car stereo connection products, we’re covering the ProCable three connector cable. This item has been designed to connect an iDevice to a Bluetooth receiver to turn your car stereo into a wireless player. The other two components required to make this happen are the AutoPower and WaveJamr; both also from Radtech. The full group performance review is in the WaveJamr review.

Now let’s talk about the ProCable. It has three ends: one male 30-pin iDevice connection (not compatible with the iPhone 5), one male USB connector, and one male 1/8” stereo jack. The cable comes in black or white and is standard grade construction. The overall length is 42,” and the USB and 1/8″ connectors split off the main cable at 24” from the iDevice connector. Considering the intended use of the cable, the length is fine.

RadTech ProCable

The fit and finish are descent—this is not a high end or heavy duty unit, but it doesn’t need to be.

The intended configuration will put the USB into a power adapter/power supply, the iDevice connector into WaveJamr, and the 1/8” stereo jack into the auxiliary input of the tuner/player of choice. Once you have “discovered” the WaveJamr, your iDevice will happily beam your music to the receiver, down the ProCable and into your stereo which will play the music that makes your ears happy. Of course, the ProCable can be used in other configurations to get your tunes from point A to point B (plug it into your iPod, computer USB port and stereo to get better sound and a charge-up, etc).

The price seems a bit high for a cable/connector, but the three connector setup is more than a standard 2 connector cable and it is designed to address a specific need.

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