Radtech wireless car stereo connection kit, part 3 – WaveJamr Bluetooth audio receiver review

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Provides: Bluetooth audio transfer to 30-pin speaker dock
Developer: Radtech
Requirements: Bluetooth compatible device, 30-pin speaker dock
Price: $39.95

WaveJamr AutoPower ProCable

Hello there, and welcome to the WaveJamr review. As mentioned in the ProCable and AutoPower reviews, we’ll be going over the WaveJamr performance as well as the combination of the three products.

Let’s go over the WaveJamr by itself first. The unit is a tidy 1-5/8” x 1-1/4” x 5/16” and connects to the 30-pin iDevice port. WaveJamr is a lovely shade of sky blue, but I doubt it helps the performance. When the unit is connected and powered there is an LED in the upper right corner which will blink every three seconds to you let you know it’s still on the job. The Bluetooth range is 30 feet, which will not only get you across most of the house but all the way across your car (unless it’s a limo by J. Clarkson).

As a Bluetooth receiver the unit worked just fine in my tests. I used the WaveJamr in my car as well as on a couple of speaker/docking devices and didn’t encounter any real problems. The only thing you may want to watch out for is the fit. The port has a pretty snug fit and you may need to do some wiggling to get the unit to make a proper connection (hooray for the little blue LED letting you know when you got it right).

RadTech WaveJamr

Now let’s get to the car set up with its sister parts from Radtech. Plug the AutoPower into the 12V port in your car. Plug the USB connector on the ProCable into the AutoPower adapter. Plug the iDevice connector on the ProCable into your WaveJamr. Lastly, plug the 1/8” stereo jack on the ProCable into the 1/8” auxiliary input on your car stereo, and “Hey, presto!”—your car stereo is now a Bluetooth enabled device through which you can play all the tunes on your iDevice.

It may sound like a lot if jiggery-pokery, and the three bits of hardware will come to $69.85, but this isn’t nearly as much as buying a new car. Okay, so maybe you would only really need to get a new car stereo, but this set up is still much less expensive…provided your car stereo has an auxiliary line-in.

WaveJamr ProCable AutoPower

When the WaveJamr is used with the ProCable/AutoPower setup, there is noticeable signal attenuation. The drop in volume is not catastrophic, just noticeable, and it is part of the three cable setup so there is basically no getting around it.

The WaveJamr provides a very portable and affordable means to turn your music stations into wireless audio. The design is simple and pretty foolproof—no complaints with this bit of kit.

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WaveJamr Bluetooth audio receiver review

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