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If you have procrastination problems, I feel bad for you, son. Finish. has no problems, it just gets stuff done.

But seriously, I love to procrastinate. No matter what I do to try to get assignments done on time, or finally start working on that screenplay I’ve been talking about forever, nothing seems to work. There is always something else to do, always something to distract me. I have tried a multitude of to-do list apps which have all claimed they will help me defeat the procrastination bug, yet just two weeks ago I found myself on an assessment due date halfway through season 2 of Workaholics with not a single word typed on my assessment. Two hours before due time I got a reminder to “Hand in Assessment B.”

Thanks, iPhone, I’ll just hand in that 0 word essay and see how it goes!

Enter Finish. for iPhone, the latest in a long line of “revolutionary” apps that promise to help me stop procrastinating. Finish. was created by two high school students who correctly saw that existing to-do list management tools were lacking in their execution and decided to fix it themselves. They did this by creating a unique reminder system and coupling it with a beautiful user interface which makes Finish. one of the best to-do list apps available in the iOS app store today.

short term, mid term, long term

The assumption that Finish. makes is that I cannot be trusted to look at my to-do list without being told to do so. While many other apps have the capacity to remind you of a task, they generally remind you on the day you have set that task as due; unless you constantly visit the app to see what is approaching its due date, you will be left in the dark. What Finish. does at its very core is place tasks into three user defined timeframes:

  • Short term (defaults to tasks due in 0-2 days)
  • Mid term (defaults to tasks due in 3-5 days)
  • Long Term (defaults to tasks due in 6+ days)

Listed above are the default time periods chosen by the app, but they are completely customisable. When you schedule a task it gradually slides up from long term to mid term to short term as the task’s due date gets closer. Each time a task changes to the next time frame you will receive a push notification to alert you that the task’s due date is getting closer. This rewrite to the traditional functionality of to-do list apps is impressive, and it provides one of those “why didn’t anybody think of this sooner” moments.

The adding, editing, sharing and finalizing of tasks within Finish. is handled in an extremely simple manner, making the app easily accessible to even the most basic of iPhone users. To add a task you simply tap the + button in the corner of the app, name your task and set a due date.

Once you have added a few tasks you can easily edit, share, finalize or mark tasks with a star by swiping right to left across the task in questionand choosing the appropriate action. If you need to see your finished tasks at any time, simply tap on the Finish logo in the top centre of the screen. The purple color scheme of the app speaks well to me, as purple is my favourite color. However, I can’t help but feel like the one thing this app is missing is a customisable color scheme similar to that of Realmac Software’s Clear. When the lack of a configurable color scheme is the biggest problem with an app, you tend to be on to a winner.

Finish. is one of the few apps that comes along and really changes what should be expected of an app in its category. By challenging the mundane to-do list status quo with its one-of-a-kind reminders system and a slick, well-designed gesture based UI, Basil Ltd.’s Finish. has separated itself from the pack as the one to-do list app that, at least for this writer, actually helps get things done.

Finish. is available now for iPhone and iPod touch for $0.99.

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