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Is it too early to start contemplating iOS 7? Absolutely. Is that going to stop us? No. As such, here are some concept designs from the French blog iPhoneSoft. The designer—whose name I can’t determine because my French doesn’t extend far beyond Le bus est sur la route—has introduced a “widgets zone” at the top of the display for recent apps, weather, etc.

iOS 7 Concept

It’s an interesting idea, provided I don’t have to see it all the time. If I can drag it down like Notification Center, then we’re talking. Being able to set up an area for my favorite apps is especially intriguing.

iOS 7 ConceptBut I know what you’re saying; you’re all like “Hiner, you can do that already with folders.” Ah, but not really. I classify my apps by category: games, sports web, writing, navigation, etc. My favorite apps may be scattered throughout those. So, this becomes a secondary classification system that I’d likely use quite often.

The other interesting choice here—and one that’s certainly wrong—is the removal of the predefined bottom row buttons. Phone and Mail are randomly placed at the top, while Music and Safari are nowhere to be found. I can’t see Apple ever giving us that kind of control over what they’ve obviously deemed important to the iOS experience.

We’ll surely see plenty more of these concept designs between now and iOS 7’s first unveiling, be it at WWDC 2013 or earlier. Until then, we’ll have some fun weighing in on what we may see, what we’ll never see, and what we’d like to see.

Thanks to Eric Vassille for sending us the link.

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