Mushroom Wars brings real-time strategy to the iPad

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Mushroom Wars

Mushroom Wars is a real-time strategy game set in a once peaceful Mushroom kingdom where neighbors are now locked in battle. Lead your Mushroom army to victory by uniting tribes and defeating enemy forces as you fight in meadows, forests, and foothills.

To increase the size of your Mushroom army you’ll have to think strategically to capture and hold settlements, defensive towers, and armories. Conquer the battlefield by defeating your enemies or complete mission goals to dominate key strategic locations.

While easy to pick-up for beginners of all ages, Mushroom Wars features enough gameplay depth and strategy to inspire the most experienced players. In a nutshell, the development was driven by the belief that simplicity is key — but complexity remains.

Mushroom Wars features:

  • Storyline Campaign Mode — Battles will unfold over 27 levels in the meadow, forest, and foothills of Mushroom land.
  • Maximum Action — Prepare to rush the mushroom armies into combat and formulate tactics to earn decisive victories.
  • Strategic Resource Management — Mushroom hordes perform both as fighting units and an important consumable resource for upgrades.
  • Morale Affects the Outcome of Battle — The “morale” perk dynamically measures the performance of both armies, dramatically affecting the course of battle.
  • Challenges for Every Skill Level — As the player progresses through the campaign, new difficulty modes become available.

Mushroom Wars is available now on the App Store for the iPad running iOS 6 or higher for $2.99. There’s a one-day sale on January 28th which brings down the price to $0.99.

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