Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen comes to life on the iPad

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Snow QueenI took a college class on children’s literature. Fun class. Lot of good stories. One of them was Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen (you’ll know him as the guy who wrote The Little Mermaid; the version without Disney’s happy ending…unless you’re a big fan of sea foam). Our college textbook presented the story as words on paper. Timecode’s new Snow Queen app for iPad does a whole lot more.

Snow Queen for iPad is an interactive book featuring amazing illustrations that come to life when touched, revealing hidden features within each page.

Readers of all ages and skill levels will be able to enjoy the stunning artwork and enchanting story from the award-winning book as it is brought to life in ways never before possible. Illustrated by award-winning artist Vladyslav Yerko, (designer of the covers of the Ukrainian editions of the Harry Potter books), Snow Queen’s detailed illustrations were originally drawn by Yerko using ultra-fine brushes under a large magnifying glass and then animated and enhanced for iOS by Timecode’s talented artists and programmers.

Offering more than the written word, Snow Queen brings this classic story to life by allowing readers to interact with Yerko’s amazing illustrations in bold new ways. Readers can make snow fall, stoke a fire, see themselves reflected in a magic mirror, uncover hidden objects and much more. Each page contains interactive objects and hidden surprises. A read-along narration option makes the book accessible to readers to of all skill levels.

Snow Queen is available for iPad for $3.99. To learn more, visit

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