Sortee for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch review

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Category: Games
Seller: Flow Studio
Compatibility: iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch 3rd/4th/5th gen, iPad
Requirements: iOS 3.1.3 or later
File Size: 102MB
Price: $0.99
Age Rating: 12+ for infrequent/mild alcohol, tobacco, or drug use or references, infrequent/mild cartoon or fantasy violence, infrequent/mild sexual content or nudity

Far from sending out the troops, this Sortee is a game of sorting. Swipe to sort various items into the most applicable bin before they hit your shield.


Sortee is a swipe-action sorting game. As an object approaches from the distance, you have to decide which bin it should be sorted into, then swipe the object in that direction. It’s a bit like working in a recycling center, only not as smelly. The more objects correctly sorted, the more you earn in game coins.


The game play is very simple: tap and swipe the objects coming at you in the direction of the appropriate bin. If there is a cactus coming your way, tap the screen with two fingers to zap it. While playing the normal level, your shield will fail on the third hit (wrong sort or waited too long). In the fast level, the shield fails with the first hit; maybe it’s not so much “fast” as it is “unforgiving.”

The graphics and sound are pretty descent. When you miss a sort, the object shatters on your shield and you get a nice grey haze for a couple of seconds and a lovely little skull image to remind you you’re about to die (I love a cheerful game).


You may want to note that the free version only lets you play the first few levels. If you want to open the next 40 rounds, you will need to buy the expansion.

Sortee’s gameplay is easy to execute and challenging to get right while under the pressure of time (you had better be sure of the direction of your swipe), but there are a couple of factors that were disappointing. First is the adult content. There is a box of an elastomeric product in the sort rounds with an “Adult” category that really doesn’t need to be there even if the game is not for kids.

The second, and most frustrating negative, is the relativity of some of the sorts. In the “Fruit / Vegetable” sort, the tomato, according to the game, is sorted as a vegetable (nerds and botanists know it is a fruit), and the coconut appears when many botanists say it’s neither a fruit nor a vegetable, but a nut, which still other botanists claim are fruits. How are we supposed to get this right?

If the developers modify these factors it could be a very fun game. As it is, I’ll sort it into the “Pass” bin.

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Sortee review

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