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The thrill of victory—the agony of defeat; you’ll get to feel both with Ski Jumping Pro. Take on several Olympic ski jump runs without leaving the warmth of your cozy abode.

What is it?

The name pretty much says it—you get to play the part of a professional ski jumper. The game will take you through several of the ski jump runs from Olympics past. You will have to fight the wind, check your timing and try to end your longest possible jump with a nice Telemark landing. Earn dollars to buy upgrades to your equipment and to buy training sessions to improve your concentration, knee strength, etc.

Ski Jumping Pro

Of course, there is an in-game purchase option to buy game money with real money to get better stuff faster.

Ski Jumping Pro

How does it work?

The graphics are very good with realistic 3D depictions of some of the best ski jump hills in the world. The background music is reminiscent of “Sirius” by The Alan Parsons Project, but this is far from a bad thing (give it a listen, sports fans all over will recognize it as the intro to “Eye In The Sky.”

You get to choose the control style: tilt (accelerometer based) or touch bar. This is one game I will recommend the tilt option unless you are very good with finger multitasking and touch bars. The basic game play consists of timing three taps on the screen: one to send yourself hurtling down the run, the second to jump off the end of the run, and the third to stick your landing.

Ski Jumping Pro

If you mess up the landing you will crash and seriously damage your score. Each run is executed from the first person point of view but there is a review of each jump from the viewpoints of a few “cameras.”

Is it contagious?

In short, yes. There is a setting for “casual” or “pro,” and there is a considerable difference in the effort it takes to execute a successful jump. There are plenty of hills to jump, equipment to buy, etc. to keep you busy for quite a while. With the intricacy of the game play—wind to deal with, balance, timing, etc.—there is plenty of opportunity for replay of all of the hills.

So, if we say “go take a flying leap,” it’s only encouragement to try Ski Jumping Pro.

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