Savor the macabre terror of Edgar Allan Poe with iPoe 2

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iPoe 2

One of my favorite books turned iPad app is Play Creatividad’s iPoe, which collects four works of Edgar Allen Poe and provides an exceptionally creepy presentation that wonderfully enhances the source material. iPoe 2 is now available, this time with an animalistic theme as it brings us Hop Frog, The Black Cat, and The Raven.

Now, I know The Raven will be the draw here, but it’s Hop Frog that led to a collaboration between David Bowie and Lou Reed, and that’s worth a video embed, isn’t it?

Anyway, The Raven completes the second volume of the iPoe Collection, an award winning App that recently received the Publishing Innovation Award for the best App in Fiction Category.

In The Raven:

… the narrator struggles between desire to forget and desire to remember his lost love, Lenore. The poem is enhanced with stunning illustrations and wonderful animations, with which the reader can interact, and a musical interpretation that has been composed to accompany the reading. This new addition to the app keeps exploring the possibilities of interactive books in iOS.

Unfortunately, the new titles aren’t available as in-app purchases for owners of iPoe; you have to buy this (universal) app separately. But if you hurry, you can take advantage of a sale that drops the price to $1.99 from the normal $3.99. The sale applies to iPoe, too, so here’s your chance to get both for the price of one.

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