Evil Robot invades iOS, steals your girlfriend

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Evil Robot

Robots are trouble. Isaac Asimov knew it, Dennis DeYoung knew it, and you know it. Perhaps no one knows this as well as Nikki Ussery, however, as evidenced by his Gameboy-style game Evil Robot, which is now available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Evil Robot combines retro pixel graphics with modern touch controls to create a puzzle adventure in which an Evil Robot is holding your girlfriend hostage in the grasp of his gigantic hand. Your job is to rescue her by avoiding the falling blocks and defeating the Evil Robot.

The task is not that simple, he must avoid the falling blocks from crashing down on him while arranging the blocks to create a solid platform to advance to the next line. 100 lines to reach the Evil Robot make this game a long and challenging game each time with different game play. The challenge doesn’t stop there… once you complete 100 lines you have to complete several more to defeat the Evil Robot.

Evil Robot is available now for iPhone and iPod touch touch for $0.99.

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