Macworld/iWorld 2013: Need a hand? iPad mounting options

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Macworld/iWorld 2013 is underway, and there are multiple exhibitors here with iPad mounting solutions. There is a solution to keep your iPad handy no matter whether you want a third arm to hold your iPad, a mount to position your iPad as a second monitor on your desktop, or to integrate your iPad into your cutting board (it’s more useful than you might think).

Ergotech Versa Stand

Ergotech’s Versa Stand is a combination case and iPad stand that relies on a mounting ring integral to the case to keep your iPad securely fastened to the foldable, portable stand. Coming in at a mere 1/2 inch thick when collapsed, the Versacase stand is foldable for easy portability, but stable enough for gaming or solid tapping when in use.


The mounting ring spins 360º, allowing you to position your iPad in portrait, landscape, or any other angle in between, while the hinged base lets you position the iPad in much the same way as the 2001 Luxo-inspired iMac. The Versa Stand is available from Amazon.

Ergotron Neo-Flex Tablet Arm

The Ergotron Neo-Flex is not portable, but is instead designed to more permanently mount an iPad. The multi-angle articulated swing arm allows you to easily swivel an iPad from a cashier to a customer, making it the perfect solution for an iPad POS where a cashier taps in an order and then a customer needs to sign. The Neo-Flex is desk-mounted, and offers additional flexibility besides just holding an iPad; by removing the tablet holder you can also mount an LCD screen to the same arm.


The surface mounting option also allows you to attach the Neo-Flex under a cabinet or on a wall, adding additional possibilities for use.

Chef Sleeve

The iPad has managed to find its way into all kinds of settings, including some where you might not feel comfortable using a tablet…like the kitchen. If you find yourself using an iPad recipe app but want to make sure your beloved tablet stays safe and dry, and doesn’t end up beer-battered, Chef Sleeve has you covered. The company offers a recyclable plastic sleeve for iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone, and offers a cutting board with a built-in iPad holder slot.


The sleeves are crystal clear and don’t interfere with your device’s touch screen, while the cutting board makes it easy to keep your iPad at a useful angle on the counter. A countertop stand is also available to keep your recipe app close at hand if your recipe does not require a cutting board.

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