Macworld/iWorld 2013: Fun and funky beats

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Macworld always brings a number of great audio products from exhibitors old and new alike. This year we’ve seen a lineup of great products from standards like Scosche and Sennheiser, but what’s always more interesting are new faces with a fresh take on headphones, speakers, and other audio gear. Two exhibitors stand out at this year’s expo: Boom Movement and Scratch Track, each showing a host of interesting audio devices ranging from Bluetooth speakers to fanny packs with built-in speakers.

Boom Movement

Boom Movement is featuring their newest line, Ready for Anything, with speakers, headphones, and earbuds that are designed to survive drops, dust and water (read: real life). The designs are rubberized for moisture and impact resistance and have useful features like cable clips to help you keep your cords organized.

A standout at the Boom Movement booth is the Urchin bluetooth speaker, which can be suction cupped to a shower wall or clipped to your belt, and genuinely looks like a neon, rubbery sea urchin. Boom is also featuring their Spooner headphones, which really do spoon! The back of the earbud posts features a complimentary concave design (like yin and yang) that nests, with built-in magnets that hold the two earbuds together to form a spindle.


When not in use, simply snap your headphones together, wind the cord around them, then use the integrated cable clip to secure it.

Scratch Tracks

Billed as a brand for “retro-electric clicksters” (a post-modern take on hipsters?), Scratch Tracks is a design brand featuring a variety of products with integrated speakers. All of their designs are retro, from bags that look like boomboxes (with built-in speakers) to alien robots with speakers for heads (that look almost exactly like Marvin the Paranoid Android), and have a distinctively early ’90s vibe.


The Scratch Tracks booth also features some of the most attention-grabbing booth attendants, with roller derby girls who have bright pink hair and blue plastic fanny packs pumping out jams.

The company is showing off, among other things, their IMIXID Audiobots, as well as the Fydelity stereo bag collection (pictured above).


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