Macworld/iWorld 2013: Day one video review

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After a hectic first day at Macworld/iWorld 2013, Kirk Hiner and Bill Stiteler wrap up the most interesting products of the last 24 hours. Broken computers and iPad robots, as well as well-designed skins for your Apple products.

Bill’s picks:

Worth Ave Group: An insurance plan for electronics. Since it’s not a warranty, the device doesn’t need to be new, and you don’t have to be the original owner. Offers repair and replacement.

Double Robotics Group: A remote presence device that uses an iPad stand on top of self-balancing wheels. Mount the iPad on the device, and your face appears on the screen as it moves about under your control.

Kirk’s pick:

DecalGirl makes attractive skins for different Apple devices. Kirk liked their range of products, and also that some of them had a matte finish.

Esoterism’s aluminum frame case for the iPhone 5 is the first we’ve seen that doesn’t require screws to stay in place. No need to reach for an allen wrench or torque screwdriver to remove the case, just unscrew the like winding a watch.

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