Macworld/iWorld 2013: OmniFocus 2 debuts

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OmniFocus 2

If Ken Case seems a little exhausted, it’s understandable. Having transferred all five of their productivity apps to mobile in a program dubbed “iPad or Bust,” they immediately reversed direction, took lessons learned in designing for iOS, and started work on OmniFocus 2. They debuted the new look, and now begin the process of testing it with a group of users and integrating their feedback into a final version.

The new version is set up around a left-hand sidebar that organizes all the information: your inbox, the projets you’re working on, and a Forecast mode that lets you see in a simple calendar how many tasks you’ve scheduled for yourself each day. Clicking on a day shows you what those tasks are, but more importantly, makes for an at-a-glance way to see when you’re free, and when you’re overscheduled.

Under that is the “Review” section, which is a place where overlooked or less-important items get caught to make sure they don’t slip through the cracks, or worse, turn into cruft that distract you from more important items. If an item’s date has passed but it hasn’t been marked as completed, it shows up in the Review list, allowing you to dismiss it, delete it, or simply save it to review again at a later date.

OmniFocus 2 is OS X-only at this point, and the Omni Group expects it to be available for purchase/upgrade later this year. For more information on the difference between standard/pro editions, and how upgrades will be handled, you can read this blog post from Case on the Omni Group website.

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  • Steve

    I wish the Omni Group would quit putting out promo screen shots of their draft productivity software with things like “BUY GROCERIES”. Go to their website and they have things like “Buy a book”, and “Talk to Julius about vacation”. Ridiculous. If this is to be a professional productivity tool, why not show it being used on a real product, like the development of OmniFocus 2? Or am I wrong, this is a tool for casual homeowner tasks?

    Show us they use it themselves for their own efforts, and let that give potential customers ideas rather than silly made up crap like groceries. Show us how they planned a real world IT project with it, including the steps for capturing system requirements, development of the architecture, code and unit test, integration, verification and validation, and transfer to production. Show us if it can be used to help manage project risks. In other words, show us real productive tasks.