Slope: the elegant iPad stand at Macworld / iWorld 2013

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In the world of marketing, it is all too frequent to see bombastic adjectives thrown about (a charge often leveled against Apple, though to argue that the iPad is anything less than revolutionary or magical is a losing battle). The folks from Dekke are on the show floor here at Macworld/iWorld and are showing an iPad stand which they describe as “elegant.” It’s hard not to agree.

It Sucks (Literally)

The Slope’s elegant design is a function of two factors. First, it is a simple machined slab of aluminum bent just right to hold your iPad at a comfortable 66º angle while remaining firmly planted on whatever surface you stick it to. The real magic is the dual foam surfaces on the outside of the Slope, which attach via suction to your tablet and a flat smooth surface (tables, windows, chairs, small children hired to carry your iPad, or whatever). Thousands of tiny air pockets create this suction, so even if you have a slightly irregular surface you still get a strong hold; the Slope can also accommodate a wide range of tablets and many cases, so long as a smooth and flat surface is stuck to it.

After playing with a Slope on the show floor today, I can easily say this case works just as well as advertised. The iPad felt secure and stable enough to type/tap firmly on, and several passers-by tried unsuccessfully to lift the stand off the table (there’s an art to it). The gravity-defying photos on the Kickstarter page may look impossible, but this stand’s squishy foam really does an amazing job of holding the iPad in place, and the simple design really does look elegant enough for Jony Ive. The caption on the Slope Kickstarter page for the photo below is “Slope + iPad 2 + some random car in my friend’s neighborhood” (one assumes the car’s owner is blissfully unaware):

Dekke is still building out their site and ordering process, so for now check out their Kickstarter page, as well as their pre-order form here. Availability is estimated at approximately 8-12 weeks, and orders will start shipping as soon as they fulfill all their Kickstarter pledge gifts.

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