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Here’s an addictive game for soccer enthusiasts out there. I’m not a soccer freak, but this 2D game had me glued for hours on my screen. No ads, no frills, Blo-Ball Soccer app is available for Mac (and iOS). So ready your kicks, let’s bring it on!

What is it?

Blo-Ball Soccer—developed by Iced Carbon, Ltd.—is a simple, 2D, overhead football (soccer) game you can play in a local or networked set up.

blo-ball soccer game for mac

Pick up your handy straw and push the players for the win.

How does it work?

Blo-Ball Soccer features simple mechanics that’ll bring nostalgic memories of the ol’ 2D arcade games of the ’90s. Simple, sleek and user-friendly, it’s a game where you flick around the soccer field to score goals.

blo-ball soccer game app

To score goals, hover your finger or mouse pointer on the player closest to the ball and flick towards it. Basically, players attempt to score a goal with the right angles and positions.

You can play against the computer opponents in three levels (Easy, Medium, Hard). What’s more, you can beat your friends over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Is it contagious?

I never thought someone would spend time developing 2D games in this age of HD displays. However, the Iced Carbon developers nailed it when it comes to the app’s substance and simplicity of mechanics.

Honestly, I wasn’t that interested to make a review at first, since I’m not a soccer fan. But when I gave Blo-Ball Soccer a chance, its engaging gameplay beat the skepticism out of me. In the end, I found myself playing it not just on my Mac but also on my iPad.

I highly recommend Blo-Ball Soccer app with two thumbs up and a big smile.

If you don’t mind the 2D graphics, check it out on App Store tagged for $0.99. The LITE version for Mac and iOS is free.

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