The many iPhone cases of Macworld / iWorld 2013

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Since Macworld’s shift to focus on Apple’s iDevices (and maybe a year before that), one of my favorite things to do has been to find new and unique iPhone cases. Many companies on the show floor have stopped me to point out “You need a case on that phone,” and here are some of the more interesting designs I’ve tried out at Macworld/iWorld 2013, including Qee Bears, ostrich leather, sex, the city, and plenty of leather and aluminum.


Choicee has a lot of funky gadgets and accessories, many of which feature Qee Bear, OLI Panda, or the artwork of Ed Hardy.


All of their products are “…inspired by the spirit of freedom, peace and individualism of the 1960s,” and it certainly shows through in the fun, bright colors of their products. If you’re looking for a case with a lot of color and character, check out Choicee.


I’m a fan of aluminum frame cases, and Esoterism has one that solves two of the major issues people have them: removing the case, and docking while in the case. The Embrace 5 has a watch-like winder at the top that you unscrew to open the case…no screwdrivers or allen wrenches required.


And at the bottom of the phone, the frame is flush with the openings so you can easily dock the iPhone 5 with most cases while it’s in the Embrace 5. Almost as important, the aluminum styling looks great with some very sophisticated colors.


iPearl has an incredible collection of cases for Apple’s entire lineup, but we’ll focus on the iPhone 5 here. They’ve got an aluminum stand case, aluminum bumpers, smart cases, wood cases, and even something called the Rambo Case.


Those aren’t the Rambo Case, of course, you’re looking at the Ice Painted Crystal Case, amongst other items.


If you’re looking for old school sophistication with a splash of color, you want Jison|Case. You also want Jisoncase if you want ostrich leather.

Jison Case

The leather finish of most of there designs almost begs for you to throw on a smoking jacked and hang out at the Playboy Club circa 1967, and that’s seriously pretty cool. Their diverse cases all look and feel great, and offer substantial protection, too. Check them out.

Trü Protection

With Trü Protection, it’s all about the artist and the Earth. Designed by handpicked artists, made in an Earth-friendly manner, and with some of the proceeds donated to charity, you can feel as good about buying a Tru Design case as your iPhone will look good inside of it.

Tru Design

The photo there really doesn’t do the color justice, and the cases have a really nice, smooth feel to them, too. Check out their full gallery of designs and see what they have to match your personal style.

Sex and the City for TTAF

Is Sex and the City still a thing? TTAF would have us believe so, and they’ve got a line of cases that’ll certainly appeal to fans of the old show. I don’t pretend to know a lot about Sex In the City, but these cases are pink and red and feature shoes, so that seems right to me.

Sex and the City TTAF

What you see is what you get there. So if you like what you see, go get it.

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