LED Football for iOS free on Super Bowl Sunday

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LED Football free for Super Bowl XLVII

In 1978, Mattel came out with a hand-held electronics football game—Mattel Electronics Football—that was simple to learn and could be taken anywhere. In 2013, you can have that same experience on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with LED Football and LED Football Player vs. Player. To celebrate Super Bowl XLVII, you can get them for absolutely free.

It’s the big game!

Computer’s on defense. You’re the ball carrier! Cut back, avoid tacklers, run for daylight! Score a touchdown and hear the victory sound!

The competition of real football.

The skill of real play.

The latest micro-electronics.

The most challenging football game yet.

It’s just like you remember.

Download LED Football for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for free ($0.99 normally) and LED Football Player vs. Player for iPad for free ($2.99 normally) during Super Ball XLVII.

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