Sunday’s Super Bowl sees Apple score two touchdowns

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Yesterday was a big day for Baltimore. But despite not being involved in the game (or even having a team in the sport), it was just as big a day for Apple. Last year, Jim Cramer at The Street noticed that Apple had the best ad in the super bowl despite not running an ad at all. The same held true this year if you really examine the footage; I’m talking about two entirely different touchdowns the tech giant managed to score during Super Bowl XLVII.

More Free Ads

Apple, one of the wealthiest companies in the world, managed to score some more free advertising in this year’s Super Bowl courtesy of Star Trek: Into Darkness.


Just a few days ago, Apple quietly launched “App Store Short Links,” allowing developers to create customised App Store URLs with which to promote their wares. These links are created when submitting the app to the iOS or Mac app stores, and according to Apple’s developer notes, provide “… a simple way for users to find your apps on the App Store directly from your website or marketing campaigns.”

This new feature for developers made its very public debut today at the end of the trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness, when the App Store URL for the movie’s companion app was displayed prominently during a Super Bowl ad. Super Bowl ads are notoriously expensive, making this a big marketing win for Apple. A new feature for developers and the debut of the URL, which apple has owned since 2008, were both on display in an advertisement not even placed by apple.

iPad: The Playbook of Champions

Now onto the game itself. The Super Bowl XLVII champs, the Baltimore Ravens, have been heavily publicized for adopting iPad’s as replacements to their traditional 20 lb. playbooks. The 49er’s have not yet commented on whether they are using any digital play book alternatives. Clearly, whatever the Ravens did when preparing to go into the Super Dome for Super Bowl XLVII worked, and it is a well known fact that the iPad was a big part of that preparation. Using Global Aptitude LLC’s Game Plan app, the Baltimore Ravens coaching staff and players are able to collaborate in real time by sharing videos, notes, drawings or entire play books. This has helped the company cut down on costs, save more than a few trees, and increase player preparedness by up to 50%. Is it any wonder they are now the Super Bowl champions?

Apple vs. Samsung? You Decide

In many minds, yesterday was not just about the Ravens vs the 49ers. The Super Bowl has become famous amongst tech fans for another showdown entirely: Apple vs. Samsung. Apple’s most notable rival in the Super Bowl has become Samsung. This is no fault of Apple’s, though, and more the result of Samsung’s insistence to poke fun at Apple and Apple fans during its Super Bowl commercials. This trend seemed to have stopped this year with Samsung instead laying out the big money to enlist Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, Bob Odenkirk and Lebron James to star in a John Favreau directed commercial. Though Paul Rudd did manage to squeeze in one subtle reference to Apple when he asked Rogan “Are you sure that maybe you’re not here to see a guy named Sam Sung? That would make more sense.”

Sam Sung

(For those who don’t remember, Sam Sung is the actual name of an Apple specialist at the Pacific Centre store whose business card went viral last year.)

Was laying off the Apple fans a wise decision for Samsung? Was their A-list laden advertisement enough to “win” their self conceived Super Bowl battle with Apple this year? Personally, I think Apple’s game plan to let their products speak for themselves (or let other companies speak for them) has Apple winning the matchup hands down. But leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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  • Clewish

    I still don’t get the allure of the iPhone, or much of what Apple does. The iPod is cool, and the phones aren’t useless like some smartphones, but they’re definitely not the best or most useful available – by far. I get Apple is ‘innovative’ but their products, from phones to laptops, consistently fall short of the competition after just one generation. However, there is never a shortage of tech reviewers or review sites touting Apple as the best, most intelligent, company on earth. I wonder, do these reviewers have a stake in Apple (stock), get freebies for promoting them, or just like Apple to be cool. Samsung phones are much better, almost any non-Apple computer is at least a better buy than an Apple and likely a better product. To each their own I suppose, but I’ll keep my stacks of cash instead of buy the next gen tech from Apple (what the competition had three generations ago).

  • rkd328

    The Samsung ads were overkill: too many and too trite i.e. no taste. and all the same. They should have hired somebody to create a theme and vary the story. Coke tried to do this but they missed the mark also. I did not like any of the ads and the Budweiser “ad” I was looking for did not appear until after the game.

  • John

    I didn’t get the Samsung commercial at all. I think most people would have a hard time figuring out what was being advertised.

    The iPhone 5 is the best smart phone around. In our company (30,000+ employees) we’ve replaced Blacberrys with iPhones.