How to install the Evasi0n untethered jailbreak for iOS 6

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Most of you probably already know by now, but we’re going to let you know again; iOS 6.0 and above has recieved an untethered jailbreak for all devices today courtesy of the relatively new jailbreak team the Evaders.

Evasi0n will work on any device running iOS 6 or above (yes, that includes the latest iOS 6.1) including the new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. To get the jailbreak working you will first need to head over to the Evasi0n webpage  and choose your operating system (available for Mac OS X, Linux or Windows) to download the jailbreak file.

As mentioned in a previous article on how to get a custom carrier icon for your iPhone, I’m really not much of a Jailbreak fan. However, as evidenced by the 100,000 downloads in Evasi0n’s first ten minutes online, there are a lot of you out there. So, here is the process for both Windows, and Mac (as the process only has one variance between the two systems I have decided to post it all right here under one heading).

Quick Note: If you want to take advantage of all the iOS 6.1 features in addition to your new jailbreak, make sure you update to 6.1 using iTunes before following this process, it is also a good idea to do a back-up of your device before trying any kind of modifications like this. Proceed at your own risk.

Step 1: Once you have downloaded the file from you will need to right click on the file and choose:

Windows: “Run as administrator”.

Mac: Open (make sure you right click to open in order to bypass Mountain Lions built in security software). You will then see another popup asking you to confirm you would like to open the software despite being an unknown developer, you know what to press.

Step 2: On your iDevice, turn off the passcode (Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock -> Turn Passcode Off) then plug the device into your computer. Your device should automatically be recognised by the evasi0n software and the jailbreak button should become active.

Step 3: Press Jailbreak and sit back and relax as evasi0n does its thing.

Step 4: Once evasi0n has completed this process you will be asked to unlock your iDevice. Go to your iDevice’s far right home screen and you should see a new app icon named “Jailbreak.” Tap this app icon one time but make sure you do not hold it down. Your iDevice will go entirely black for a moment before returning you to your home screen, this is completely normal so don’t panic..

Step 5: Now it’s the iDevice’s turn to go through the motions as you sit back idly and watch as messages appear on your device to inform you of what is being done. Once this is completed, evasi0n will report saying “Done!” and your device will reboot itself. The first boot may take longer than usual as it is completing the process, so do not freak out. The iDevice may need to restart several times.

Step 6: A large Evasi0n logo will be displayed on your iDevice before some rapidfire messages and one last reboot. The messages will appear once more and your newly Jailbroken iPhone will be ready to go.

If you encounter any problems along the way it is completely safe to restart the program and reboot your iDevice (by holding down the power and home buttons until it restarts if necessary)

John Brownlee over at Cult Of Mac has posted up this neat little tutorial video which outlines the same process.

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