Evasi0n jailbreak causing weather app crashes…and creations?

Sections: iPhone OS, SDK and hacks, iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

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Today’s release of the Evasi0n iOS6 untethered jailbreak has the blogosphere buzzing about the smoothest jailbreak in iOS history so far. (To see how smooth it is for yourself read our how-to guide on jailbreaking with Evasi0n.)

However, just like an iOS update, no jailbreak iteration ever goes live without some kind of curiosities or bugs, and Evasi0n’s iOS 6 jailbreak has proven to be no exception to this rule. After receiving 100,000 downloads in the first ten minutes and going on to do huge numbers beyond that, reports came flooding in of the jailbreak causing the iPhone’s default weather app to crash.

Perhaps even more curiously, on the iPad, the jailbreak reveals a long hidden Weather App. Unfortunately the app is not an iPad optimised weather solution but an old iPhone sized version that comes up pixelated and awful looking on the sharp retina display of current model iPads (see image above).

Evader team hacker Pod2G sent out this tweet earlier today acknowledging the weather app issues and announcing that a cydia fix is on its way as soon as the problem is understood.

Were you among the 100,000 extremely early adopters of Evasi0ns iOS 6 jailbreak? Did you update soon after that initial ten minutes? Let us know, and be sure to tell us if you come across any other bugs or hidden gems. We love that stuff!

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