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When I think of casual iOS games, TiltWorld is very much the type of game that comes to mind. It’s a small game. It’s quick to play. It’s easy to control. You can use it to pass a few minutes waiting for your Chinese take out to finish, or dozens of minutes waiting for your Chinese delivery to arrive. And all the while, you’ll be planting real trees in Madagascar.

What is it?

TiltWorld is centered around a tadpole named Flip. His home of Shady Glen has become polluted, and it’s up to him to flip around collecting food and carbon to plant seeds while avoiding the blight that was consumed his land.


How does it work?

By tilting, of course. The food, seeds, etc. fall from any of the four sides of your iPhone or iPod touch, and you must tilt your device to place Flip underneath them. As such, you’ll be hopping around the screen trying to catch what you can while avoiding the bad stuff. Your perception skills will be called into play as you’re forced to determine which objects will reach the edge of the screen first and figure out the best way to get there.


Of course, the difficulty level will progress across the included 15 levels (a second Pollution Adventure Pack can be purchased for $0.99). You’ll have to swipe to control the wind so the food falls in the right spot, there’ll be fireflies to catch, and things will get much more frantic as time progresses.

Is it contagious?

Mostly, but not reasons you might expect. Although the tilt mechanic is responsive and well implemented, it does get old after a while. What keeps the game moving are the beautiful graphics by Iggy Mederios and the audio by Stuart Dubey. They combine to create an oddly relaxing atmosphere amongst the hectic and challenging gameplay.

Then there’s the fact that as you collect seeds in the game, you’re planting seeds in real life. TiltWorld has lined up with the non-profit organization WeForest to plant real life seeds in Madagascar as you earn seeds in the game. So, as you’re trying to kill time, you’re helping to save the environment.


And that’s very much the kind of thing we’d like to see become contagious.

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