Breakout Books on the App Store highlights self-published e-books

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breakout books

In a move to encourage more independent writers to make their masterpieces available on the iBookstore, Apple has started devoting a section for these e-books via a new section called Breakout Books. According to Apple, Breakout Books is aimed at helping readers find the next reading sensation by way of these hand-picked collection books from emerging talented writers. All e-books on Breakout books are independently published and were rated and recommended by iBookstore customers.

The Breakout Books section will have a banner to be featured on iBookstore’s main page. It will remain there for two weeks to help authors get their e-book discovered easily with the ultimate aim of driving sales. Breakout Books will remain featured prominently on the iBookstore main page for two weeks and will later on be featured less prominently.

Browsing through the titles featured on Breakout Books, it would seem that most of them could indeed make for a good reading. But the main benefit here is that most of these books are priced relatively less than commercially published books featured on the iBookstore. Self-published authors usually sell their e-books for around $2.99 or cheaper. So, for bookworms who are on a tight budget, the titles on Breakout Books are good deals.

Check out Breakout Books now from the iBookstore and see for yourself whether these self-published books deserve the attention that Apple is giving them now or not.

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