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The iPhone comes with a calculator app built in, but if you’ve looked at calculator apps on the App Store before, you’ve probably realized it’s not quite enough for everyone. Sure, it does simple calculation pretty easily, even some scientific-style calculations, but it’s a bit cumbersome. PopCalc Pro is a calculator app aimed at being fast and intuitive to use. Is it the calculator you’ve been dreaming of?

What is it?

PopCalc is similar to the built-in calculator app in that it has two button sets: standard and scientific. But the key feature difference here is that PopCalc displays previous calculations on several lines above the current calculation. It’s built for speed and ease.

How does it work?

Unlike the built-in calculator app, PopCalc has a calculator keyboard as opposed to a full screen button interface. You can swipe between the two keyboards to access the scientific functions when you need them. And when you’re doing science, you’re going to need them.

PopCalc Pro Calculator

But the main feature here, like I mentioned above, is that you have easy access to previous calculations. This makes reusing previous values as simple as tapping them. This is perfect for when you’re working with numerous calculations and need to access previous calculations, but not necessarily right away. I like this, because I have a hard time remembering to store values in memory locations.

Is it contagious?

Not really. It’s a little hard to impress me with a calculator app, much less your average human. While this app certainly is intuitive and easy to use, it’s far from original. There are so many calculator apps on the App Store that in order to be impressive, you need to be able to do more complicated things like graphing, symbolic integration, etc. Heck, even more functions would be appreciated. Furthermore, this app is billed as having some spreadsheet-like functionality. As someone who practically lives in a spreadsheet application most days, this app has almost nothing in common with a spreadsheet.

There are just too many options out there and this one doesn’t have enough features to really stand out in a crowd. If you are still somewhat intrigued, there’s a free version I’d recommend you investigate before purchasing the Pro version.

Category: Productivity
Seller: Carrel
Cost: $1.99 (a free ad-supported version is also available)
Buy: PopCalc Pro

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