Trendy PocoWool Smart iPad Case Cover on Kickstarter

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Would you consider adding a fashion statement to your iPad case?

Uniqueness and versatility–that’s what you get from Pocomaru’s second project on Kickstarter: the PocoWool iPad Smart Cover. This iPad case will certainly make your friends envious with its seamless wool and high-grade leather intricately designed for the stylish you.


Pocomaru’s first project—dubbed Grab-n-Go iPhone case—was a success on Kickstarter. Finally, they’ve thrown their hat in the ring of iPad cases due to the request of their supporters.

So what’s in store for us?

  • Ideal wool material, fashionable design, weighs in at 6oz.
  • All-in-one case, stand, and smart cover
  • Displays the iPad at multiple angles—both portrait and landscape—on a couch, your lap, a desk or any other stable surface.
  • Grab-and-go design is perfect for quick meetings.
  • Extremely durable, despite the soft look.
  • Provides a convenient location for sticky notes.

Each individual PocoWool is hand-stitched and made of soft felt wool and high-grade leather materials. Magnets for the smart cover are safely secured and positioned in the right place.

The flexible design adds a remarkable functionality to the PocoWool. Whether you’re watching a movie, taking an online class, or simply typing, you can roll or fold the wool according to your desired angle without having to remove the device from the case.


However, the PocoWool smart cover case is not yet available to the public; Pocomaru needs your support for this project to materialize. At press time, the Kickstarter project has 61 backers, and must complete the $4,000 pledge goal by Monday, February 25 (as of this writing), they have collected $2,875 in pledges). As always with Kickstarter, rewards awaits depending on the pledge level.

For more information, you can visit PocoMaru’s official Kickstarter page.

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