Celebrities know jack, even if you don’t

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You Don't Know Jack

You’ve likely played You Don’t Know Jack at least one point in your life, right? It’s been around since the ’90s, after all, but it’s always lacked one thing: celebrities. Now, it has them via an iOS and Facebook app update and, at least for starters, one of those fellows from Mad Men (not the one who was in Sucker Punch).

The first celebrity guest episode of the free-to-play games features Rich Sommer from AMC’s award-winning drama Mad Men. The Facebook and iOS versions of the game get him now, while You Don’t Know Jack for Android will get him when that version launches. The next guest episode will feature Adrianne Curry, winner of the inaugural season of the reality television series America’s Next Top Model. Additional celebrity episodes are planned on a monthly basis.

Yeah, I have no idea who that is either.


With this new feature, players choosing a special celebrity guest episode from a new featured episodes tab are automatically matched up against the celebrity and any other friends who have played the episode. Through the game’s asynchronous multiplayer mechanic, each celebrity’s actions in the game have been captured as well as their voice, so that the player is matched against the celebrity as if they were playing in real time.

iOS games should note that an update is required in order to access the new guest episodes. The new functionality has already been updated for the Facebook and the forthcoming Android versions.

You Don’t Know Jack is available now as a free, universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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