Apple lawsuits wrap-up for January 2013

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Eye Closeup

Apple lawsuits for the month of January 2013 had the ever present patent lawsuits and many rulings in the Apple vs. Samsung case.

  • Apple’s false advertising claim it brought against Amazon’s App Store has been dismissed, with the judge citing lack of proof of confusion as the reason for the dismissal.
  • The California Supreme Court decided that Apple and other online retailers didn’t break California law by asking people to provide their address and phone number before they used credit cards to make payments.
  • Samsung has been ordered to reveal sales figures, as opposed to how many units were shipped, to determine how much Samsung will have to pay Apple in damages.
  • Adaptix, a patent troll from Delaware, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad mini over two 4G patents.
  • Russian Railways sued Apple over trademark infringement due to its logo being used in Railway Tarif, a third-party app that allows users to track cargo delivery costs and times in Russia. Russian Railways is seeking up to $65,000 as compensation.
  • British Telecom sold one of their patents, entitled Mobile Radio Handover Initiation Determination, to Steelhead Licensing who is using it to sue Apple, Sprint Nextel, RIM, and Motorola.
  • Apple settled a lawsuit with Swiss photographer Sabine Liewald over the use of her piece titled “Eye Closeup”. Liewald claims that she only gave Apple permission to use her image for “layout purposes only” and it being used for the MacBook Pro’s unveiling and marketing material was commercial use. The exact terms of the agreement wasn’t released.
  • Belgian consumer group Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats is suing Apple over AppleCare claiming Apple “has not followed local consumer protection laws and has withheld information from consumers.”
  • A Dutch court has ruled that Samsung’s rounded corner design don’t infringe Apple’s design.
  • Apple will appeal the dismissal of its federal FRAND suit against Motorola in a Wisconsin district court.
  • Tim Cook has been ordered to give deposition in Apple’s anti-poaching lawsuit because Judge Koh says “I find it hard to believe a COO would have no say over salary and compensation for all employees.”
  • A group of 29 South Koreans dropped their class-action lawsuit that claimed Apple was violating their privacy because they couldn’t prove that their privacy was actually violated.
  • Judge Koh made several rulings in the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit including deciding Samsung didn’t infringe some of Apple’s patents on purpose and denied Apple’s request to raise patent damages. She also denied Samsung’s request for a new trial and their bid to invalidate Apple’s patents.
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