The future of Apple product predictions

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Apple Product Predictions

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Rewind five years to when the word “future” still held credence with its dictionary definition. Impossible to predict, the future lay far off along a stoney mountain pass. Any attempt to publicly tell of things to come usually saw you free-falling off the side. It was fun!

Today however, the future lies close; around an easy bend in the road. There’s a certain feeling we’ll be there in no time. So, the question of what will Apple do next has to change. As it stands, we can make an educated Apple product predictions that they’ll release another iPhone, and another iPad, and it’ll probably be thinner and lighter, with some more cool stuff inside. The question should now be, what’s the next game changer?

That question poses a problem because journalists are notoriously poor predictors of the future. Yet the concept of prediction occupies every blog (yes, even our own), and every website all the time. We’re fascinated with the idea of what might happen. I think I prefer not knowing.

I remember that beautiful feeling of childish angst before Christmas when I was about five years old; excited and nervous with no idea why. It was because I didn’t know what was going to happen. I could guess. I was likely to get a plastic Mask play-set called “Boulder Hill” because that’s what I’d asked Santa for. But…I didn’t know for sure what was coming!

The point is, if we constantly analyze everything Apple does, every day forever until we’re sure we know what to expect, we’ll have no surprise on Xmas day!

The Karate Kid

For Apple, the underdog story is long over. They won. They’ve done it. Today, Apple’s the Karate Kid when he turns 30 and has two kids; no more underdog status for him to enjoy. He’s kicked the German-looking kid into mediocrity a long time ago. So what can they do? What can bring back the surprise to WWDC? What can make the collective media drop their jaws and dribble? One thing’s for certain—whatever it is we don’t even know we want it yet!

What would be cool is to see Apple blogs read like a child’s Christmas list to Santa Claus…

Dear Tim:

This year I’ve been especially good and I’d love to have a 13 megapixel central-mounted camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. Oh, and for my baby brother, please make sure he gets an NFC payment facility for his new iPhone so he doesn’t get laughed at by the South Korean kids at school.

It would also be great if you could hook up my Sister’s MacBook Air with a Retina display and bezeled edges, just to keep it consistent with the current line up. Oh, and before I forget, can you get my Grandparents those LG chocolates they wanted. They’re a bit slow on the uptake.

Everyone in the world

Apple is in the most privileged position of any tech firm on Earth, and they need to manage the responsibility that great power brings with it! The focus of the world shouldn’t be on what incremental improvements we can expect from Apple, it should be on the size of the cavity they can put in the universe with their next announcement!

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  • stevesup

    The iTick is TNBT. I dislike wearing watches but I’m beginning to get it. Add up the possible medical features with readings that require wristbands. Add the exercise features, cue Nike. Input using a localized Siri; Siri does a great job with timers and reminders now. Put on an instant emergency alert big red button for folks who fall down stairs. Do audio location monitoring for folks with sight problems. It’s not a watch. Apple wouldn’t do a watch. It does multiple market disruption. And it loves small and simple. At $200 it will sell a billion. OK, $199.

  • Ben Parsonage

    Now you’re talking!!! Love the ideas!!